Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Global FOO

In the course of a conversation with Sabe & Tom (college friends), we got on the subject of the terms "Global Warming" vs "Global Climate Change". Global Warming is an accurate term, at least in the context of the average global condition, but it doesn't really reflect differences in local and regional climate response to global warming (like the fact that Europe will likely get colder as a result) - hence, the term "global climate change." But, this term (to me anyway) makes it sound as though the current situation is a strictly natural phenomenon.

So, here is a new term, complete with an easy acronym: Global _ing Ourselves Over. Fill in the blank.

Catchy, accurate, what more could you want? Thanks Tom!


chris+libby said...

We made your blog!

love you and miss you,
Sabe and Tom

chris+libby said...

just kidding - this really is sabe and tom, we just load as chris and libby ( a highschool friend of sabe's)