Saturday, June 9, 2007

Dallying in Dunhuang

So, Brian and Brad returned to Golmud on the 8th, we drove to Dunhuang yesterday, and will head out tomorrow. It is hot and dry here, on the edge of the desert and the air feels thick. Maybe thats just the influence of phlegm...

The drive through Qaidam is pretty incredible. It is this vast basin with small peaks along the perimeter. I've never seen alluvial plains on this kind of scale. The peaks look as though they're being swallowed by their own sediment. The geologic equivalent of drowning in your own tears?

I'm feeling much better, slowly getting over the cold and finding ways to kill time in Dunhuang. I'll probably check out the buddhist caves this afternoon; last night we had a great dinner in the night market and entertained ourselves haggling for things we didn't really want to buy.

Anyway, I'll have a day to kill in Beijing and then back to the States on 13th.

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