Monday, September 17, 2007

The Oregon Coast

I spent a long weekend with my parents on the Oregon Coast. They rented a place in the town of Yachats (pronounced "ya hots"). They're looking for a replacement for the north shore of Lake Superior, and I think they enjoyed the coast. I gave them a hard time about dressing alike, but I guess that's what happens when you've been married for almost 40 years. My friend Jean visited from Portland for a couple of nights and we reminisced about rugby songs and caught up on the last couple of years.

Vacation time with the parents always involves seeing things so we drove up and down the coast,stopping for cool coastal views/phenomena, lighthouses,
bird watching and stopping to smell the flowers.
Good geology too; I liked how the basalt at Cooks Chasm weathered back in rectangles because of the parallel-trending parts of the rocks that were composed of slightly different basalt. They would break first, dictating the initial fracture that the surf would slowly chip away at.

I bored mom and dad at Seal Rock with an impromptu game using cross-cutting relationships to put together a story about the coastal sandstones, Columbia River flood basalts and some conglomerates. It would be a fun little field exercise for a geology class. Now, if someone wants to give me a job in Oregon.... Even a nice little lake along Hwy 101 that reminded me of northern Minnesota. Good weekend.


Trifarina said...

Your parents are cute.

Jean said...

I'm so excited that I made it into your blog!
PS. Used ink! :-)

kes said...

Use eels