Monday, February 18, 2008

(On top of Anderson Peak)

A general cheers to holidays in honor of hardworking souls that give us all more time to play. Spent the weekend before working up a proposal and will spend next weekend in Pasadena, so I took the whole thing, guilt-free. Yay! My friend Paul, of Colorado hutness-fame, came down and we joined Kena, Hwakong, Mike and Robert for a long weekend in Benson hut in the North Lake Tahoe region. We had excessive amounts of sunshine and got in lots of turns. And of course ate a lot of food. Even some extreme sledding. Fortunately my tailbone weathered this round a little better than last year's round of extreme sledding. It helps that the snow was pretty slushy (see the comment about sunshine). And Paul, being of public policy ilk, admirably put up with the rest of us engineering/sciency types.

Gearing up for the first turns of the day
Check out our handiwork!
Bagging the peak
Paul "saving face"
We've decided that he has a future in male modeling. The instinct on his impending face plant was to "save face," resulting in a turtle-style stomach slide instead. Way to look out for your career, Paul! Anyway, while my arms may lack the strength to pull myself up the ladder to bed, I feel rejuvenated and set for the week (and coming weekend).


Trifarina said...

I don't know this Paul person, but he is clearly a class act. He should call that Barbazon modeling school.

Dan said...

Great looking pictures Katie. It looks like you had a great time

Anonymous said...

I'm hardly anonymous when I know you're tracking/stalking me