Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another political departure

Ok, I'm taking the slacker's route on posting, but unless you'd like photos of students firing projectiles into tubs of sand and flour, or of me staring at spreadsheets, I haven't got much to post. The quarter has started in earnest and I'm TA'ing, again. And unfortunately for you faithful readers (but good for my sanity), it is not a field-based class.

Anyway, to keep you entertained, I'm posting a link to a video, in anticipation of tonight's debate. I also recommend you check out other videos this group has made, especially "swing(er) states."

Sadly, I'll be teaching lab and will have to catch the debates later on the old interweb.....


Fault Rocks said...

ewww 110A labs. why don't you take a break and come visit.

kes said...

Oh, don't tempt me. No money + no time = no South Africa. You coming out for AGU/holidays?