Sunday, November 2, 2008

November? Really???

(Going rogue?)

Somehow, October passed by in a blur of TAing, computer time and music. And election nonsense of course. I'm sure I'm not the only one who attended a halloween party with multiple Palins, a couple of husband Todds, and, oddly enough, a few pregnant Bristols (only one of whom was actually pregnant). The pumpkin was even carved in Sarah's honor, and thanks to the "voting booth of horror" I cast the only vote I will ever cast in favor of the Palin family.
(Dai expresses his opinion of my vote)

And while I can't seem to account for October with the "normal" things, there has been plenty of good, live music to make up for it. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass of course, but I've seen a bunch of cheap and great live shows at a seemingly unlikely venue called the Crepe Place. Who knew a restaurant that specializes in beer and thin pancakes stuffed with all good things would have such good taste in music and bring such unlikely groups? We Saw Sean Hayes and These United States play, and Trampled By Turtles is coming through in December.
(Hardly Strictly Bluegrass for hardly strictly few)

November holds promise for entertainment of a different kind. As part of a "communicating science" class, we are working with a local elementary school to teach short science lessons to 3-5 graders. I have the bulk of my lessons coming up, and am excited to see what will become of 30 3rd-graders let loose on a tub of cray fish. I also thought it would be it would be a bigger juxtaposition to teach 8-year olds in the morning, and 20-years in the evening, but mostly I just wish 20-years would get as excited about learning about density as 8-year olds do.

Anyway, posting will continue to be sporadic for the next couple of months, but should pick back up with the holidays and winter quarter. Traveling starts again; I just found out I'm giving a talk for a conference in New Zealand in January!

And a few more halloween pictures, just 'cuz:

(Marge and Moe. Homer was at the (you guessed it) keg.

(Two California Raisins and the lamb of God)(Somebody got a little too into character....)
(Who knew those grapevine skills from high school soccer would be so useful?)


babyjenks said...

i'm so envious! new zealand in their summer time. where is the conference? i don't remember, have you been there before? miss you, love you, wish you had an excuse to come to boston.


Fault Rocks said...

ok i'll bite. what does high school soccer have to do with the grapevine?

also, more pictures please.

also. see you at agu!!!

kes said...

No! Never been to New Zealand. Turns out I know some folks traveling there around the same time, so if it works out, I'll stay an extra week and travel a little.

As for the grapevine, it was one of the warm-up exercises. Grapevine your way up and down the field. I think it was supposed to make us more agile on our feet....

Yay for AGU!