Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prepare yourself

Ok, I promised I’d post more over break when I did some traveling. AND, you’ve probably all noticed that there has still been the same old picture of a sad crayfish. In fact, I know you’ve noticed because I’ve heard a few complaints…..

BUT, before we can move on to the exciting break stories, I can’t just skip over the eventful second half of fall quarter. I will try to go quickly however. In fact, just pretend you’re at a horse race, and read the rest as if it there is an announcer following the action.

Wendy’s wild night of trampolining and karoke, heading into thanksgiving, lots of grading, quick, made a pumpkin pie, touch football in the park. Beautiful T-day. Eat, eat, eat lots of food, Pascal’s tur-duck-en, tryptophan naps.

(the great sing-along)

(happy eaters)

(that is, I mean was, one glorious tur-duck-en)

(really, we could be playing anything. Rest assured, it was football)
(My favorite part of the meal.....)(Thomas takes his nap shift, while Dai looks like he's ready for his)

More grading, grading, lab planning, elementary school kids with bottles of colored water and fish costumes, one more job application, last lab, grading, done with TA’ing FINALLY (forever???).

Cram last minute data analysis into a week, make a poster, drive to San Francisco, join 15,000+ (I’m not kidding) geoscientists for a week of anything-we-can-slap-geo-onto-the-front-of, annual thirsty bear and lefty’s (with notable party crashers? Dai? Rychard? Beaver sauces? Unclear). One nice, calm, weekend at home. Fly to Seattle during the “let it snow” party in the Pacific Northwest.
(The old guard at lefty's, presided over by CRowe)
(Slugs and former slugs amass at Lefty's. Can you spot the non-geo "ologists"?)
(Look! Here's one! Oh wait, this is an "onomer," not even an "ologist")
(I don't know. I think I arrived to late to understand this one. How did they decide who got to be "hot dijon" and who got to be "sweet honey?")

Whew. It went by fast, sorry for so few stories……….


Fault Rocks said...

presiding hells yah biatch! i preside.

Trifarina said...

Aw. I'm too antisocial to make it into the blog post. :(