Sunday, April 12, 2009

Quarter Collage

(Pacific Madrone in Castle Rock State Park. My favorite tree here in California)

Since everything from winter quarter is out of order anyway, here is the amalgamated happenings from the rest of quarter. I guess spring break will get its own post.

There were some nice hikes. Some were rainy, some were complete with slugs and newts and some even had sun breaks and friends from long ago and far away.

(Rachel and Leighton conquer slippery rock)
(slug love)
(Leighton models the latest in slugwear. Look for it at the bookstore soon...)

Greta came from the cold, snowy east for a visit and California was nice enough to bless her with reasonably nice, sunny weather for February. Don't think the reservoirs were happy about that though.
(old friends in a cave)
(checking out the rain from Castle Rocks State Park. We lucked out)

The annual cocktail party.....
(pretty much sums up the evening)

The annual Tahoe weekend. Great weather, and the advent of snow-suzie sticks? Don't know, but it adds an element of challenge to the game when you're supposed to catch the cup one-handed, no body trapping. To wear mittens (and most certainly fumble) or go bare-handed (and certainly lose feeling and fumble)? Tough call.
(Pascale gearing up for the throw)
(Pete and Dai gear up for some heckling)
(gorgeous view of Lake Donner)

And, a glimpse at what I've spent most of my time doing: dealing with these lovely rock specimens. Paleosol carbonates at their finest. Sectioned, glued in epoxy and drilled. Yes! Witness the magic. The first chapter on these lovely nuggets of science is finally in the editing process and hopefully will be submitted for review SOON! End of the month, maybe? Yay!

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