Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another great interweb diversion...

Since I'm yet again behind on my updates, I offer this little gem of a blog to keep you entertained. Cake Wrecks. I can't take any credit for finding it; Rachel read about it in the New York Times, and has since spread the love. Start at the beginning, or preview some goodies: remember bandit the crayfish? Here is his cake-likeness. Cars on the cake brings back fond memories of birthday cakes from my youth. In fairness, though, those cakes were FABULOUS - We had cars, and rocket ships and edge-to-edge M&M tiling. Go Mom! AND, they were exactly what we wanted. Not sure the same can be said for all of these cakes, though.....

Here's a lovely example of a recent personal "cake wreck." Well, it wasn't a total wreck, and this wasn't the finished product, but it was a chocolate cheesecake designed to be a mid-ocean spreading ridge, complete with the magnetic anomalies. Imagine it baked, with the center line scooped out, and filled with strawberry jam.... Megan and I designed this for the earth science picnic - it could have qualified in "best chocolate dessert," "creative use of cheese" and "best geologically themed food item," but we designed it hoping to win the Trifecta. Only later did we find out we could only qualify in one category, not all three.

(preparing to pour the batter over the basalt, I mean crust, I mean..)


Ok, I tried to get back to lecture-making, but this site is too good. A couple more examples. Check this one out to see a preview of the Yeti's defense cake. AND, she pays homage to talk like a pirate day. New favorite interweb distraction.

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