Thursday, August 16, 2007

Loose ends

So, the end of the trip was pretty uneventful, and I worked my way through Minnesota and South Dakota sample sites in about 5 days.

I got to see the Badlands again, and a thunderstorm that rolled through early Friday morning provided another spectacular sunrise (opening picture). I crashed in Laramie with some Santa Cruz friends who'd just moved to town/were attending a conference.

I've enjoyed the last couple of days in town, catching up with friends, catching a Shakespeare Santa Cruz performance and working on a poster. I leave for Germany on Saturday (ok, a long plane ride, but at least it isn't a car and I can read Harry Potter finally!), and will be at a conference in Cologne for a week. Then I'm home, almost for good......

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Fault Rocks said...


Ha just kidding. Just lettin you know I'm still reading. Also still listening to your spring mix EVERY DAY and doorbell is my wake up song. Can you please make me a "southern spring mix"? I know it's spring because the whales are here!!!