Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pork Plasma?

So, as I waited to pay the toll in Decatur to cross the Missouri River into Iowa, I saw a tanker trunk in front of me. I wouldn't have payed much attention except for this warning on the back: "Inedible...something non-food grade something.....pork plasma.

First of all, when was the last time you wanted to order up some pork plasma for dinner? In fairness, I did eat pork blood in SE China, but it is served in little rectangles with a tofu-like texture and is tasty and salty, but still not common in american cuisine.

Which leads to the second thought that crossed my mind. Let's say you did have a hankering for pork plasma. With or without the "inedible" warning, would you really walk up to a tanker truck full of the stuff and try to get a swig? Curious.

And the third thought. What IS non-food grade pork plasma used for and for that matter what is food-grade pork plasma used for?

The googling effort on this will just have to wait.


Anonymous said...

ok, I saw a tanker today with the same thing written on the back in Indianapolis. I too was trying to figure out what in the world Pork Plasma could and is used for.

Anonymous said...

It's ised in wet dog food!