Monday, March 31, 2008

Juicy Tibdits

(garnet sands in Andrew Molera State Park)

Since I took spring break during finals week and spent spring break working, I got to enjoy quiet campus, quiet town, and some kind of flower-pheromone-induced euphoria. Not trying to rub it in, all of you still in the snow/rain/cold, but it was a beautiful week.

Snuck down to Big Sur on Saturday afternoon for some bratwurst-roasting, rock-tossing,
(Rachel investigating the Franciscan rocks outcropping at Andrew Molera)
(some poor somebody has one cold, wet foot)

poison-oak-avoiding fun.
As a midwesterner, I find Poison Oak distressing. This stuff takes over, especially in Big Sur. In the spring, you can walk trails that are little more than a tunnel through cut-back PO. I feel bad for the folks that have to cut it back. I think I'd wear some kind of chemical hazard suit.
How do you decide how to dress for the ride to school? When the cat stakes out the pilot light, it is time for an extra layer.

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