Sunday, March 9, 2008

Signs of Spring

Spring means the end of winter quarter, sunshine-induced euphoria and ramped-up motivation (for me, anyway). I found some euphoria today on a wonderful Sunday afternoon hike with Sarah, a friend from my Seattle days who now lives in Berkeley. We had sunshine, good birding and and some speculations on mountain lion-encounter behavior. Kind of looks like that kid is being used as a shield....

The extra hour at the end of the day made for a nice drive home on the 1 and should come in handy for getting home this week, since some punk recently stole my bike light.I found some extra motivation in a couple of places earlier this week. I spent Saturday helping judge a science fair that will send 3-12 graders from the county off to state. Now, it has been awhile since I was a 4th grader and pretty long since I spent quality time interacting with 4th graders, but I was impressed! It was really fun to see the logic process at work, and to see the creativity in the way the kids approached problems. I worked with the environmental science group and global warming is definitely at the forefront for most of these kids (oh, how it makes my heart go!). And of course, their enthusiasm was hard to resist. Now I remember what got me down this road....

Motivation source number 2? I had some anxiety over data analysis that had the potential to shoot down my last two years of work, but instead turned out quite well-behaved.
And we're about 2 weeks out from the end of the quarter, so I'm ready to call it and put winter to bed.

Something that would help with the spring motivation would be banishing the winter self-doubt. Is it too late to give up something for lent? If so, I'm giving up self-doubt. Maybe Karma will help it join my bike light in someone else's life. And in the mean time, I'll be looking forward to that other sure-fire sign of spring. Spring Break!

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Fault Rocks said...

what small island or campsite will be under seige from the Koch Army this spring?