Monday, August 4, 2008

Meanwhile, back at headquarters….

(Our asian pears)

While I was away, the garden grew; some parts better than other. The basil and tomatoes look great, and I’m holding out for the day when I can make a tasty pasta meal from homegrown basil and tomatoes and fresh made pasta from the Pasta Lady at the farmer’s market.
(first cherry tomatoes!)

I don’t know how long the basil will hold out, but I keep hoping if I just pluck the ends just before they blossom, I can delay the harvest. Me against nature, a battle I usually lose. The sunflowers out front are a slightly sadder story; the snails have found them, but they seem to be trying to bloom, regardless of not having any leaves anymore.

I won’t mention the peas. I don’t think they get enough sun…..
(the best of the bunch. No kidding. I replanted them in a last ditch effort to give them more sun. We'll see...)

The recently planted cucumbers and kale look promising though. Yay for the long growing season out here! Perfect for the procrastinating gardner.

Since being back, it has been a slow transition back to the research life. Lab work and outside activities have been the primary occupations. Mel and Nadine convinced me to sign up for a metric century in the Santa Cruz Mountains the other weekend. I had two weeks to get ready and Mel kindly lent me her very nice cylcocross bike. Crafty, crafty Mel; she knows the way to get someone addicted. The ride was fantastic, and other than slightly sore bits the next days, I felt remarkably ok. There were a couple of stiff climbs, though and at one point I looked at Mel and told her I was pretty sure I could run up the hill faster than I was pedaling. But beautiful views and A LOT of food made it worth the while.

Last week has been spent finally grading everything from summer field, which was a slow, painstaking and somewhat mind numbing process. I’d rather not look at a strat column again for awhile. But we’re done and it is back to lab work, paper writing and an upcoming vacation to the East.

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