Friday, August 22, 2008

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

(Sarah shows us how relaxfest is done)

Finally took a REAL vacation. You know, the kind that doesn’t involve so much activity that you need another vacation to recover from the vacation. And the kind that wasn’t attached to a work trip. It was great. Sleeping, walking around seeing things but not too many things, reading books, swimming, thinking about running and mostly not actually going (excuse: too humid. reality: too lazy), watching other people be active (ie, watching the olympics), cooking dinner with friends and catching up, hearing grandparent’s stories, enjoying grandparent happy hour on the back patio.

And just long enough in each place to not get antsy, and just long enough away from home to be happy to be back and ready to be busy again.

Spent the first weekend of vacation in northern Pennsylvania at Sarah’s family cabin on a lake. The weekend was complete with a New York excursion to see Ithaca and its gorges and learn new car games (silos and graveyards, anyone?),
(Dai, Kate and Calla for scale)
(more, beautiful shallow marine shelf rocks, apparently Devonian aged. I saw HCS!)

plenty of lake time with Frisbee diving,
(click on the picture if you want to see Calla and Sarah's game faces...)
(good thing that wasn't on land. Something would have snapped.)

Mid-week I spent with the grandparents in the DC area and enjoyed having time to read the paper, read my books, go for a couple of half-hearted runs in the neighborhood and catching up on the old stories. We also went out to Great Falls on the Potomac and saw the obstacles that prompted the original GW to build canals.

(Grandmama and Granddad check out the falls.)
(Great Falls)(Canal remnants)(Beautiful heirloom tomatoes at the Fairfax farmer's market. Couldn't resist since I was reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracal at the same time and had just gotten through the description of the Virginia farm produce)

The following weekend I spent in Durham, North Carolina with Nate and Chrissy and the newest Williams: Gwyn. She’s cute, she’s “dangerous” and got her parents solidly wrapped around her finger. She’s got a little work to do on the cats, however. I got to help start a Porter brewing at Nate’s work
(Brewer Nate and his machines)

and spend time in thick, green vegetation. Nice change of pace from Brown California in August.
(BIG lily pads in the Duke botanical gardens. Only missing a giant bullfrog)
(VERY old type of metasequoia. Apparently typical from 70 to 15 million years ago. This one was grown from fossil seeds!)
(Chrissy and her dangerous progeny, Gwyn)


Trifarina said...

I want a giant lillypad. Now. :(

Dan said...

Wow! You got Grandma and Grandpa both out to the falls! Go you!

Fault Rocks said...

1. field camp is not a vacation, it only passes for one when you're broke.
2. please explain how you can grow a sequoia from 15 myo seeds and i can't seem to get my habanero plants of today to fruit.

kes said...

1. Thanks for your support on this C-Rowe. I'm not sure everyone would agree...

2. I CERTAINLY couldn't have. I'm frankly amazed any of my garden is still growing. Must be because, as Sora says, ANYONE can grow things in California. Maybe you should try some fossilized habanero seeds.