Saturday, July 28, 2007

All roads lead to Denver

My faithful field assistant Tracy flew back to Santa Cruz from DIA on Wednesday morning (the 25th), so we hightailed it back across I-70, and again camped out at the Governor's mansion. I had intended to take off quickly for the midwest, but found out that a major convergence of CC geo/annual hut trip (aka WIFNAC) folks were all going to be in town late in the week, so I stuck around for a couple of days of computer/planning time and and catch up time with many old friends. Deborah Roth (who I haven't seen since my college graduation) and Nate and Chrissy Williams were all in town, and Ben had friends arriving, so I've logged some quality summer fun, including disc golf, an incredible happy hour thunderstorm (who needs TV when there's lightning?), and a few good hours of lounging and catching up on everyone's lives; new jobs, getting married, residency stress, making exciting new wordworking puzzles or just the same old.
So, fun and games are done, I've put the internet and phone to good use calling USDA soil centers and will be taking off tomorrow morning for the Midwest. The best image for this next leg is probably an old Family Circus cartoon, where Billy maps the most convoluted route possible to his neighbor's house. I'll be doing that in a car between Nebraska, Iowa, southern Minnesota and South Dakota. For folks in Minneapolis, I think I'll be there in a week and a half??

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