Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A little press!

Christina Pince, a science reporting intern for KUNC, the public radio station in Fort Collins, Colorado, joined us for a day in the Denver Basin. She was interested in all manner of stories regarding the work going on in the basin, and in the end, she is airing a story on the climate/paleoclimate work being done on the basin, which is the primary involvement I have with the project and the Denver Museum folks.

In case you're curious, it will be airing on KUNC during Morning Edition and All Things Considered on Friday (the 27th). Christina told us at 6:35 AM, 8:35 AM, and 3:44 PM, but the website says 5:35AM, 7:35AM and 3:44PM Mountain Time on their "this week at KUNC" blurb, so I'm not sure.

Also, I don't think it is a part of the national broadcast; I think it will be part of the local radio segment of the programs, so you'll have to go to the station website, and connect to the listen live link , or search KUNC's archive later to hear it.

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