Sunday, July 1, 2007


View of Ruby mountains (center) on road out of field site)
Just a quick update post. After the workshop, Paul and I drove to Salt Lake City (the 27th), picked up Tracy (field assistant), and drove to Nevada. This was the first of the change in plans, due to changes in plans of folks we were supposed to meet in Utah. So, we spent the last few days checking out some rocks near Elko, and I now have the first self-collected rock samples of my Ph.D. Yay!

We're off to Ely - Nevada that is, not Minnesota. I don't even know if they are pronounced the same. There are some good potential rocks there, and that gives me time to try to track down contact info for people who can grant me access to the rocks I want in Utah. Apparently, one canyon I want to get into is blocked by some persnickety ranchers. I need to call them and hope that Tracy and I can work some magic and get in there.

Anyway, things are going well, we haven't melted or set the sage brush on fire with our rig, we've seen lots of suicidal jack rabbits (a dirt road with ~15 flattened bunnies in a 4 mile stretch??), cows and the beautiful Ruby mountains.
1st Nevada home, Ruby Mountains in the the distance

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