Saturday, July 28, 2007

Utah, again

We just couldn't get enough of the great state of Utah. After Denver basin sampling, we took off for the Book Cliffs region of Utah (just off I-70) to try to find a sea level datum for my project (and before any of you point out that Utah is not actually at sea level, ala "katie, you're going east, not west," I mean sea level during the Cretaceous). We didn't find too many samples, but we DID see some great great rocks via some "road" side geology (roads that mostly mean driving up dry washes), and a few other entertaining sights. We also got a lot more rain, and thunderstorms, which made for beautiful sunrises.
The watchman for the Neslen Formation
My favorite sedimentary structure, Hummocky Cross Stratification
Mudcracks and raindrops...
Our swimming hole, called the Green River

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